Triple Shooters Dart League
How it all started!
It all started back in 1989. I (Gary Nugent) had
signed up as a player in the Quaker City Yacht Club
dart league (which played American darts).
But what I did not know was that I had to be '21' to play.....even though it was a private club. But if
my father had signed up as well, they would then allow me to play. So we did just that. At the time I
was just 18.  After a few months I could tell that my father didnt really enjoy coming out every
tuesday night. But I also discovered that in only a few months of playing, not only did I enjoy it, but I
saw alot of improvement from when I initially started. A few friends of mine got together with me and
started shooting darts on monday nights. They seemed to enjoy it as much as I so we decided on
starting our own league. There were 8 of us that year: Gary Nugent (myself), Vince Lucera, Mike
Lucera, George Rose, Ray Lucera, Guy Ferraro, Steven(schmidty), & his friend Ken (i dont
remember their last names!!). We played a 12 week season and 'Triple Shooters Dart League' had
officially begun.
     At the end of the yacht clubs dart season, I told my father he didnt have to play next year because
I had started my own league (ironically, his team won the yacht club championship!).
The following year we had our problems with reliable people and the league folded after 8 weeks! But,
in 1992 we decide to give it one more try......and this time it worked. Now,  years later from that
1989 date.......the league is still going strong! The league bounced around to different members homes
where we played every saturday afternoon from Septemeber to May. 2000 was our first year in a
tavern.....Joe MaGees located at Torresdale Ave & Wellington St. in NE Philly. Then we moved and
grew again, this time to JJ's #1 Irish Pub located at Bleigh & Frankford Ave in Mayfair. We have been
there since 2002. 2005 saw the bar change owners and names. It is now called 'McNoodles' and we
are still there! Our game is 9 inning baseball with extra innings if needed.  We welcome other shooters
in the Philadelphia area to join next season. Come in some saturday between 4 & 9pm and experience
Triple Shooters Dart League.
Past League Players
Gary Nugent
Vince Lucera
Mike Lucera
George Rose
Mike McLaughlin
Jim Jasionowski
Ken Bailey
John Lucera
Ray Lucera
Steve Lucera
Matt Herman
Bill Herman
Ken Hanisco
Ken MacHugh
Bill Sullivan
Rob Bogess
Bill Venango
Dave Brander
Bill Wood
Larry Ruffo
Glen Meeks
Troy Anusky
Mark Campbell
Walt Miller
Sonny Lucera
Tim Kelly
Keith McCarthy
Tom Vigna
Mike Hand
Drew DiMichele
Tom Boyst
Chris Nugent
Jim Riebow
Mike Hallman
Ray Sankowski
Ray Lucera JR
John Rinehart
Stephanie Allen
Dawn Miller
Theresa McCuen
Cathy Jazz
Mike Darrah
Brian Cerebe
Josh Mowery
Jim McCuen
Jamie Wilson
Nicole Miller
Chris Reinecke
Jay Peter
John Quartanana
Dave Dreschel
Colleen Hayes
Tom Hayes
Brendan Sheehan
Jesse Slawinski
Steve Montagno
Dan Foley
John Ash
Gabriel Jiminez
Bill Hollywood
Mike Schwartz
Dan Monnaco
Jim Brown
Guy Ferraro
Bob Denver
Ken MacHugh
Steven Lucera
Big John
Rick Arcangel
Paul Montalbo
Frank Anusky
George Gross Jr.
George Gross Sr.
Bob Dennery
Ed Mitchell
Steve Christner
Charlie Eckert
Ken Lithanski
Jerry Weinert
Bob Balderman
Joe Anthony
Mike Ganz
Mike Kealey
Russ Jazz
Mike Broderick
Alex Broderick
John Louden
Chuck Manherz
Mike Rorer
Ed Rorer
Greg Hughes
Tom Shields
John-Paul Nugent
Sonny Lamonde
Bob Harris
Mike Meier
Dennis Stone
Eric Povernick
Rich Frazer
Ernie Schick
Joe Nugent
Steve Marshall
Joe Anderson
John Doody Sr
John Doody Jr
Bill Power
Brad Smith
John Van Horn
Past  Champs
1989 - #1 WARHAWKS
George Rose & Guy Ferraro

1993 - #1 METAL GIANTS
George Rose & Matt Herman

1994 - #3 MAGIC GIANTS
George Rose & Mark Campbell

1995 - #1 National Conf.
Mike Lucera & Eric Pancoast

1996 - #1 National Conf.
George Rose & John Lucera

1997 - #1 American Conf.
Steve Lucera & Bill Herman

1998 - #1 American Conf.
Gary Nugent, Bill Hollywood
  & Jim Jasionowski

1999 - #2 National Conf.
Frank Anusky, Bill Hollywood,
     & Glenn Meeks

2000 - #1 National Conf.
Dan Foley & John Ash

2001 - #1 American Conf.
Gary Nugent & Jerry Weinert

2002 - #3 American Conf.
Jerry Weinert & Dave Brander
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2003 - #1 American Conf.
John Ash, Rick Arcangel,
& Gary Nugent

2004 - #3 National Conf.
Jim Riebow, Chris Nugent,
Tom Vigna, & Mike Rorer

2005 - #1 American Conf.
Tom Shields, John Louden,
Greg Hughes, & John-Paul Nugent

2006 - #2 American Conf.
John-Paul Nugent,
Eric Povernick, Ed Rorer,
& Mike Lucera

2007 - #1 American Conf.
Keith McCarthy, Tom Boyst,
Paul Montalbo, & Mike Darrah

2008 - #1 National Conf.
George Rose, Mike Lucera,
Paul Montalbo, & Gary Nugent

2009 - #3 National Conf.
Mike Rorer, Ed Rorer,
Andrew Lowery, & Chris Nugent

2010 - #2 National Conf.
Carl Niblick, Mike Lucera Jr,
Ray Sankowski, & Tom Boyst

2011 - #2 American Conf.
Josh Mowery, Dawn Mowery,
Mike Darrah, & Tom Boyst

2012 - #3 American Conf.
Josh Mowery, Nicole Darrah,
Chris Reinecke, & Steven Lucera

2013 - #3 American Conf.
Josh Mowery, Mike Rorer,
Ed Rorer, & Joe Nugent

2014 - #1 American Conf
Andrew Santangelo, Carl Niblick,
Pat McMahan, Bill Dieterle

2015 - #1 American Conf
Carl Niblick, Andrew Santangelo,
Pat McMahan, Chops D'Ambra

2016 - #

AJ Strausser
Carl Niblik
Butch McKevitt
Fred Eisenhart
Jay Harris
Bill Duckenfield

Andrew Santangelo
Pat McMahan
Chops D'Ambra
Frank Watkins
Alysha Munsey
Jeff Wynkoop
Jim Mattock
John McCuen
Doug Poper
Fran Pavel
Mike Peter
Marilyn Peter
Andrew Lowery
Steven Lucera
Paul Rutter
Claude Lucera
Mike Lucera JR